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on the white house drive way after a peteing with the president, jindal charged that president obama is scaring the public. >> it can be done without the critical services. president needs to stop trying to scare the people. >> teachers and essential kateors will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents have to deal with finding child care for their children. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and prevent i care. >> transportation secretary ray lahood continues to warn about huge delays on coming at airports across the country. >> there has to be a furlough of air traffic controllers. that then will also begin to curtail or eliminate the studenopportunity to guide plann and out of airport. rewriting history saying the president asks for substitute for sequester include spending cut and revenue he is moving the goalpost. a charm hotly disputed by the white house. >> first, the white house and the democrats were insisting on revenues as part of the trigger mechanism. the republicans refused. therefore, the sequester was the a chosen. >> that is an issue the repub
for wjz from washington. >> president obama's annual meet being the nation's governors came with a warning. he said the march 1st spending cuts will impact each of their states. everything from fewer firefighters and police to flight delays at the airport and less vaccines for children. >> the longer these cuts are in place the bigger the impact will become. >> republicans say the president is making them seem scarier than they are. they say the $85 billion is just 3% of the budget. >> stop the campaigning stop sending out people to scare the american people. do the hard work of governoring. >> congress is back in town after a week off leaving just 4 days to reach a compromise before the deadline. lawmakers are talking behind closed doors but the chance of a deal looks slim. >> democrats want a plan that includes spending cuts and raises taxes on the richest americans. republicans say they will not agree to another tax hike. they're expected to propose a plan that focuses on spending cuts only. >> i think the american people are tired of the blame game. to come up with responsible spending
obama and vice president biden will be speaking to that group from the state dining room. no doubt they will touch on the sequester, which is still scheduled to hit this friday. if those cuts go into effect we can expect hundreds of thousands of furloughs and lay-offs plus clogged air travel and reduced education funding and unemployment benefits. the president is asking both parties to work alongside him to end the budget stalemate and he will tell governors there is work to be done. dr. joe biden and the first lady will speak at today's meeting. a surprise appearance last night at the ausc-arizona. here she is in that dress that she wore to the governors' dinner she was not actually in los angeles, but she did speak live from the diplomatic room to announce the winner for best picture, "argo." mrs. obama's office said as a movie lover she was honored to celebrate the award and the artists who inspire us. two are forming a public advocacy group advertising for action will stay clear of election activity but it will be aimed at making political and legisla
... kicc-in... that president obama... and... ámostá... 3 congress... saa... wiil cost jjbs and hurt the economy....// whiie they agree... he cutssaree haamful..// they....ádisagreeá....onnhow to avoiddthem themunless laamakers ccmpromise....on... deficit cutting measures..../ &p indiscrimmnate ccts.... kkck-in... 3 pnd of this fisccl year.../. president obamaa...uuged theenation's goverrors ..to help pressuree across-the-board spending cuts... schedulee to... begin friday..../president obama democrats ...to close... tax loopholes... in addition to cuts...//.republicans say... & it's just another tax domestic spending cuts only. -33 ""ompaniee are preparing layoff nottces, families are prepaaing to cut back onn expenses. and the longer the cuts arr innplace, the bigger the impact will bbcome." become." "the president says to avoid the sequester. mr. president, you ggt your tax increase. itts timeeto cut down on spending in washinggtn." passingttn."the counttown t
planes down. >> yesterday is harming our states and the national economy. >> president obama as reminding governors that is not the first fiscal crisis. >> all of you have helped to steer your states through the nation's toughest times, have had to make hard choices. >> white house says there's more to come. 10,000 teachers could lose their jobs, food safety inspections could be scaled back. >> it is not a balanced, thoughtful compromise. >> one says that the white house as exaggerating. >> not cut 2.5% out of the total budget when it is twice the size it was 10 years ago? give me a break. >> politically, some analysts think that republicans have more to lose. >> it is disruptive just as you would in a government shutdown, there is more of a chance you'll get republicans to bend. >> there is no sign of serious compromise on capitol hill four days in counting. >> if congress cannot compromise and those cuts kick in, maryland would be one of the hardest-hit states. maryland would lose $14.4 million in education funding this year alone. that translates to 200 jobs for teachers and aides. emp
in session. with no talks reported under way to put off the sequester friday, president obama pressure republicans. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. >> republicans will not compromise on taxes. >> we are not willing to put revenue on the table. the cuts are going to occur. >> the white house sent out 50 reports detailing how the $83 billion in cuts would impact each state. in alabama, 27,000 defense department's employees would be furloughed. 500 at risk kids would lose child care. 2100 kids would not get needed vaccines. but at the white house today, governors were split about what lawmakers ought to do. a democrat from connecticut. >> they need to get out of that box that sits under the dome and understand that this has real implications in people's lives. >> republican bobby jindal of louisiana says sequester is ok. >> enough is enough. now is the time to cut spending. it can be done without jeopardize in the economy or critical services. they should stop trying to scare the american people. but this was t
service. >>> today, michelle obama and joe biden renewed their call. they spoke at the national governor's association. the first lady announced the military credentialing and licensing task force to help military members and spouses find work in healthcare and transporting a industry. >> 34,000 troops will be coming home from afghanistan. and that is in the next year and that -- that is a good thing. that war will be over by the end of 2049. in the coming years, more than 1 million service members, one million of them will make the transition to civilian life. think about the impact. >> they expect all 50 states to helptrops successfully transition by the end of 2015. >>> bp and their partners were in new orleans federal courtroom facing a judge in their civil case and this could cause bp $18 billion for the dead lie rig rupture that spewed 4 million barrels of oil. the judge has to decide if bp was negligent by knowingly failing to maintain safe drilling procedures and in pretrial statements, bp said that many parties share the blame. >>> coming up on the edge. >> argo's just -- argo j
for obama. afraid obama would win vote for romney. i don't know given the fact that really it is cool to be libertarian and cool to be socially accepting and fiscally conservative. >> you made me laugh when you said cooler to be a libertarian than republican. >> is it cool to be a republican on campus. is it cool to be a democrat? i don't believe you. i think on campus -- >> it might have been a little bishful thinking. i am sure a lot of toj student thingled be a better -- first the old a going to be washeded away. i think everybody family knows the welfare saturday, but haven'ting to particulars it. quicksing it. it's easier to be an dau -- santa claus. >> marriage equality passed in several states. narl juana. these are significant. john: spending. a talking about sequestration like it's a catastrophe. >> an absolute tidy cat. just a miniscule cut relative to what does need to occur. if we don't balance the federal budget we are going to find ourselves without a country. we are not immune from default. that is where we're headed. john: questions? >> hi. conner bergeron from brazil
was going to win, vote for obama. fred obama's going to win, so for romney. a big disconnect between those that describe themselves as libertarian and the libertarian. john: why? >> i don't know given the fact, given the fact that really it is cool to be libertarian. it is cool to be socially excepting and fiscally conservative. john: you made me laugh the other day saying it's cooler to the libertarian and republican. >> that is certainly true. john: is a cool to be a republican on campus? >> no. john: cool to be a democrat? >> no. john: i don't believe you. on campus. >> that might be a little wishful thinking. and senate -- on sure a lot of colleges think it's better to be a democrat and republican. there is a lot of understanding in the united states, first that the old rules, anti-gay rules, anti-drug rules and things are going to be washed away. and there is clearly an understanding. i think every american knows that the american welfare state is bankrupt. everybody knows the problem. they just have not yet come around to wanting to fix it. it. john: fixing it involves less governmen
by an even bigger name. >> live from the white house, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> reporter: in a show that promised surprises, this one was the biggest. >> i am so honored to help introduce this year's nominees for best picture. >> reporter: the envelope was the winning name was not in hollywood. it was handed to michelle obama in the white house. >> "argo." >> reporter: "argo" won the grand prize even though ben affleck was nominated for best director. >> i was sort of hallucinating. honestly i was just asking these guys outside, was that michelle obama. >> reporter: 22-year-old jennifer lawrence had a very unscripted moment on her way to collecting her oscar for best actress actress. her fall had the audience on its feet. >> what was i thinking when i got up? a bad word i can't say that starts with "f." >> and if question that begins with tommy lee jones begins now. >> reporter: oscars host seth mcfarland got plenty of laughs on stage but was on twitter. >> the actor who got inside his head was john will booth. >> reporter: the sh
to a compromise. >> president obama sounlded the alarm to governors gather -- sounded the alarm to the governors gathered at the white house about the automatic budget cuts. >> companies are preparing lay off notices. families are preparing to cut back on expenses. the longer these cuts are in place the bigger the impact will become. >> the white house laid out how the cuts will impact each state. in new york 12,000 defense cuts cut, in missouri 1 #2shgs 00 students taken out of head start. president obama is putting the blame on congress. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. >> the president urged the governors to take a trip up pennsylvania avenue and talk to the lawmakers from their state about coming together to stop the cuts. >> so far there's no signs a deal will get done before the friday deadline. >> we're saying just get the job done. work with the president, find a way to get it done. if you want, just turn it over to us governors. >> the sticking point is once again taxes. republicans say raising them is off the
and services we all count on in jeopardy. president obama is meeting with both parties to try to hammer out a deal. if there is not a deal the impact will be widespread. from fewer firefighters and police to longer waits at the airport to fewer vaccines for children. they want drastic spending cuts while democrats want tax increases on the rich. the two sides have to come up with a deal by friday before taxes go into effect. >> wjz is live, pat warren explains concern is growing among the workers. >> reporter: concern is growing among workers, concern is growing between state leaders too. everyone is busy trying to do everything they can to push congress along. >> sequestration raising concern for dozens of maryland workers. >> how soon will we be notified we have to go out on furlough? >> the prospects are for having a budget in a month. >> reporter: i think that maybe there needs to be a shift and a focus. >> people aren't getting that chance to get their views expressed. >> reporter: maryland senator ben carton fielded questions at the social sec
. >> it is harming our economy. >> president obama reminding governor's it is not their first fiscal crisis. >> you have had to make hard choices. >> the white house says there's more to come. >> this is something that nobody wants. >> one republican said the white house is exaggerating and that painful or not, these cuts must happen. >> give me a break. >> some think republicans have more to lose. >> a government shutdown would be more dramatic and the more likely republicans would bend. >> right now there's no sense of compromise, four days and counting. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland it could be one of the hardest-hit states if those cuts kick in. >> we are getting a better idea how maryland would be impacted? >> the white house released a report how the country would be impacted. maryland would be among the hardest hit. maryland will lose $14.4 million in education funding. about $350 million in lost income. army bases would see about $95 million in cuts. it details cuts to public health and environmental programs. >> right at the beginning you will not see much of an effect. the de
..and the oscar oos to...argo." & to...argoo" 3 to pesent he awarr... first lady ichelle obama ade a live appearance from the whitt house.the film set during the & iranian hostage criiis... was also recognized for eeiting mmierables""wwn 3 ossars... innluding best supporting actress, anne hathaway.adele woo for best song.but it was pennifer lawrence whoostooe -&pphe spotlight on hhr wwy up to tte stage... to accept the award for est actress inn "silver linings playbook."she spoke about theeiicident with reporters backstage. 3 repooter: "the fall on the way pp to the stage --"laarencee 3 absolutell."reporter: "was it a fall? what hhppened?" llwrencee "ii-- what do you & mean, what happened? look at & my dress! i -- i tried to walk up stairs innthis dress! that's hat happened." happened.""life of pi" took 3 pome 4 oscars....the most ff any fiim.daniel day-lewis became theefirst person ttowin 3 timee in theeleadinggactor - "liicoln."and quenttn -3 tarantiio's "django unchained" took home 2 oscars... for original screenplay and supporting actor, christoph &&pwal
. obama administration and civil rights groups are defending the law. >> >> a woman locks herself in her own car to escape her dog's attack. >> >> we have some advice on what you can do to help your child get over ear infections >> we have seen this before, even in this part of the country. colorado is dealing with more winter weather from the weekend. is the storm over, yet. >>> so, we will see some beautiful weather today. the storm is on the move. i'll tell you what the storm brings for us and when it moves in, coming up >> >> traffic is just starting to pick up here at providence road and townsend. i'll let you know what it looks like on 895 and 3. all coming up on good morning mail >> a look at times square in new york. let's head that way for the very latest. >> >> in today's tech byte, going mobile in barcelona. hulett packard using the event in spain to sell their new an droid. . >>> not just working on the fire fox web browser for phones and tab lets, but for an entirely new operating system. >>> google says the most searched nominees were actors, jennifer lawrence, daniel day
the federal budget act is set to fall, president obama addressed the nation's governors. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. >> the white house released a state-by-state report on the impact of across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester. he warned it would mean the potential layoffs for first responders and teachers and reduce funding for head start, children's vaccinations, and other programs. press secretary jay carney denied the president was using scare tactics. some governors bake to differ, light louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> raising taxes is not the answer. >> one thing they do agree on, getting congress to stop the arbitrary cuts. >> they need to get out of that box and understand this has real implications in people's lives. >> the house and senate return to work but are not any closer to a solution. >> it is time for them to act. i have made this clear for months now, yet we have seen nothing. >> tuesday the president heads to virginia to talk more about the impact of the spending cuts, b
- the biggeet awwrr of the night, first lady michelle obama mmde a live appparance & froomthe wwite house...and the oscar goee to...argo. 3 the film settduring the iranian hhstage crisis,was alsoorecoggized for editing and dapted screenplay.i thhnn &peveryone in the movie, on the movie, orked heemovie, ddd & anythinn with this mmvie, ggts thanked, i want to thank frrendd in iran, iving in & perrible circumstancee right now.ooe day more...."lee miisrrbles" lsoowon three oscars, including best supporting actreess anne hathaway...it cameetrue! adeee performed "skyfall," which won for est soog."life of pi" took home four oscars, the most of any fiim, includiig - best ddrector for ann lee. &pthank you movie gods!daniel day lewis became the first person o win three times in the llading acttrrcategory, ptis yeaa for "lincoln."since we got married 16 years ago, my wifeerebecca has lived with some very stranne men.twitter lit p after jennifer lawwence tripped ovvrrher dress on her way to accept the ward for beet actress in "silver liningssplaybbok..you guys
. >> michele obama wore an evening gown to announce the best picture from washington. state leaders got down to politicking over budget cuts. >> advice is to stop campaigning. roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of governing. >> the governors the onus on federal lawmakers. >> do not put the burden on the state and the military. >> the real question is what is the impact on the people that we serve. >> the potential affect on headstart and energy assistance. governors worry. >> this sequestered stands to wipe out a lot of hard for gains in maryland and virginia. we understand this is an economic threat. >> some folks are starting to look to the next deadline. that is one the government funding runs out. there is speculation some lawmakers might wait until next month to figure out both budget battles at once. >> what are the odds we can see an agreement by friday? >> there is no immediate consequence when the deadline hits. humane not see until the furloughs start to take place in april the fire in the of lawmakers. >> or as we like to say, more drama please. >> maryland is one of the fe
appearance from the white house, first lady michelle obama announced the winner for best picture. ben affleck expressed gratitude for this win. >> it doesn't matter that you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you get back up. >>> and best actress, a bit of a stumble. >> you're just standing up because you feel bad that i fell. thank you. >> later celebrating with her family at the governor's ball. >> and the oscar goes to daniel day lewis. >> oscar winner meryl streep presented the award to daniel day lewis for his role in "lincoln." >> i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> in the directing category, ang lee won for "life of pi." from "django unchained," christoph wallets won for best supporting actor. another performance from the cast of "les miserables." a moving in memoriam, and "adele" from "skyfall," that went on to win best original song. >> and the quest to beat tommy lee jones starts now. >> song and dance for a big welcome. and as the credits ran, the end of the night alongside kristin chenowith and a tribute to the
. the introduction from michelle obama. but them all up there. >> the it's a great action figures. >> we had buyer's remorse until tonight. >> the best available. and he was cheap. >> thank everyone on the movie. >> i don't think i have ever seen you nervous until i saw you accept that award tonight. >> our friends in iran living in terrible scircumstances right now. >> it was really moving. i was like, did anybody else ramble on up here. i want to thank my wife who i don't normally associate with iran. there were others. >> mostly you. >> and you guys really did -- shine a light on a lot of people who had not -- here's the funny thing. for 25 years, the only side of the story that was told was one version of it. all we wanted to do was make a film that we liked and ben took it to another level. we couldn't be happier with the work he did. >> you told an important story. it was funny and thrilling. it was recognized tonight. >> it's this. awards aside, you know, if movies like that, which are movies for grownups, make money, which this one did, if you can continue to do that, the studios will cont
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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